We organize homebuilding courses

A lot of people want to take part of an homebuilding course, in the aim to make a good beginning in their balloon project.

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Our team
Our teaching team is very competent in balloon building project :

Arnaud Deramecourt Practices ballooning since 1993. Pilot, instructor, instructor for instructors. He has built two balloons (1600cu.m and 3000cu.m), and took part in the building process of an ultra-light 1900cu.m. Has built a model balloon to. Has worked for a professionnal balloon manufacturer. Teach courses in the French "Ecole Nationale de l'Aviation Civile" (ENAC). Consulting for the DGAC (Direction Generale de l'Aviation Civile) about balloon mechanical calculation. Ingineer in the French Spatial Agency (CNES), in the balloon division (designer of scientific balloons). Teach in homebuilding courses since 2000 in France. Personnal current projects : hot air airship, small gas airship and gasballoon. Editor of the "French homebuilding magazine" since 1997.
Other people We ask the best specialists to teach during our courses.

Our competences in the teaching field are well-known : courses in university, ingeneer school...

We organize two kinds of courses :

Courses are organized in french or english, depending on the participants.



Next stages


Prices include papers, materials to test yourself in sewing, wicker to test yourself in basket making. Prices include lunch but not breakfast nor dinner nor nights in hotel.

You want more informations, or inscribe for a course ?
Please contact us, by mail or phone :

Arnaud Deramecourt
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Arnaud Deramecourt

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