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Non lucrative club

The club has the following goals :

  1. give informations about ballooning
  2. make some performance flights (duration, altitude, distance)
  3. federate the balloon homebuilding

To complete these goals, we :
  • NEW ! Next homebuilding course : march or april 2013
More informations (only in French!).
  •  fly everywhere (first near Toulouse, France and for some meetings)
Not avaible
  •  try performance flights
Not avaible
  •  make and federate experimental building (enveloppe, basket, burners, and others building like autopilot...)
looking at the things our members have built
  • organize homebuilding courses (enveloppe and basket building)
informations about courses
  •  give some informations to begin in the world of building for those who want build
how to built a balloon ?
  •  print or upload some informations about homebuilding. You will find some links here.
for more technical informations
  •  some documentations about building
Not avaible
  •  to contact us
  •  links
  •  intranet
Not avaible

Arnaud Deramecourt

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Last update 19/10/2011